15-19 November 2010, Kathmandu, NEPAL

The burning Issues on climate change and their impacts – many of which are effectively irreversible – will affect everyone on the Earth. Human health, patterns and intensity of precipitation, water and food supplies, energy supplies, and the viability of natural systems: all will be affected if Earth’s climate continues to change. Taking unified global action against climate change, The Small Earth Nepal and the Consortium for Capacity Building (University of Colorado) in collaboration with the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology, Government of Nepal, Centre of Research for Environment Energy and Water (Nepal), Asian Institute of Technology (Thailand) and International Research Center for River Basin Environment, University of Yamanashi (Japan) are organizing a regional-scale International Graduate Conference on Climate Change and People, bringing together various scholars, graduate students and climate change practitioners to equip and mobilize Young Minds about climate change and societal issues. The Conference is mainly supported by Asia Pacific Network for Global Change Research (APN) under the CAPaBLE Program. The conference is also co-sponsored by UNESCO. Additional sponsors are welcome to join.

The Conference is mainly focused on the multidisciplinary capacity building of graduate students of various disciplines through the sharing of knowledge and experience by experts and participants on Climate Affairs, from climate-related science to impacts to policy & economics to ethics & equity. Climate Affairs is a concept which aims to enhance the “eco-generation” of climate leaders and climate agents in their respective academic and practical areas of concern.

The Conference activities concentrate to provide the following:

—  To build scientific capacity of young students from multiple disciplines, fostering and enhancing networking processes and awareness for sustainable development options in the region.

—  To equip graduate students with usable knowledge on the importance of multidisciplinary activities in addressing climate change, regardless of their home academic discipline.

—  To enable participants to formulate a multinational networking group to develop baseline skills needed to understand climate change mitigation, adaptation and prevention measures.

—  To create awareness among the community and social leaders for identifying their roles in effective ways to combat the influences of a changing climate.

Selection of Participants: Expression email or Letter of Interest and Commitment Level. Interested undergraduates may also inquire about the conference.

Registration Fees: US$ 100 for the SAARC Countries and for Other Developing Countries from GREATER South Asia (e.g., Central and Southwest Asia to Myanmar), US$ 150 for the Developed Countries from Asia-Pacific Region

Funding: Partial or full funding may be available to the selected participants from Developing Countries

Deadline for Submission of Application with letter of interest and CV: 15 September 2010

Further details, please contact:

Michael Glantz at michael.glantz@colorado.edu

Dhiraj Pradhananga at smallearth@wlink.com.np

the agenda is available here

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2 thoughts on “International Conference on Climate Change and People <br/><font size="-1">(with a focus on Greater South Asia, from Kyrgyzstan to Bangladesh)</font>”
  1. Where is conference being held (venue in Kathmandu) please? Our conference events calendar has a google earth layer available which localizes venue and for this I need a Lat/Long which I can determine if I know the venue location.

  2. Sharing knowledge and improving local indigenous techniques for climate change adaptation is very essential for the next decades for the vulnerable people of coastal community of Bangladesh………

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