México.- protection is important to emphasize that we can not skip hydrometerological concerns. The magnitude of this phenomenon we have never seen in this country, there is a history of hurricanes we’ve had in the country but none of the magnitude and this intensity, said the Director General of the National Water Commission (CONAGUA), Roberto Ramirez.

He said that the President, Enrique Peña Nieto met with expanded legal and government of the Republic in order to instruct each of the members in the roles they play, serve the population cabinet.

“Not only in the time of the hurricane has passed and gone, but also to prevent at this time the population the effects of this hurricane can have,” stressed the official

He said that to gauge the intensity of hurricane of this nature, “it is said that a Category No. 5 can lift a car, destroy all the houses that are not cemented steel, rebar and cement. You can drag the people who are in the streets, that is why, that people who are in a more vulnerable are the people who are on the coast, mainly in the state of Jalisco ”

He stressed the importance of all people to hear the warnings and take precautions to protect themselves in accordance with the instructions of the National System of Civil Protection at the state level and in the communities in which we are each of you, as you are making the national coordination of Civil Protection of the Interior Ministry.

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*Translated from Spanish


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