Usable Thoughts

Introduction – Usable Thoughts

An intro to “A Century of Climate Discovery”
Introduction to Usable Thoughts

“Superman Theme Song” from YouTube

Lesson 1 – What People Think About Their Climate

The better we understand our climate, the better we cope?
Lesson 1

“Rainforest Sounds” from YouTube

Lesson 2 – Climate Patterns

Understanding climate is only one piece of the puzzle.
Lesson 2

“The Planets” by Holst from YouTube

Lesson 3 – The Impacts of Climate Fluctuations

Media and the public attracted to the extremes
Lesson 3

“I go to extremes” by Billy Joel from YouTube

Lesson 4 – Where People Live

When forced to move, people adjust
Lesson 4

“I like to Move it, Move It” from YouTube

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