Victory Gardens for

Green Victory Gardens for Africa is a partnership of like-minded people from all over the world who want to see change in the sustainable development of Africa through local level, measurable and sustainable interventions to reduce the impact of climate change on society and the environment. We strive to spread the word about climate affairs, […]

‘Good Skeptic’ on Climate Change & Society

April 14/15 2010 “You can call me a ‘good skeptic.’ I don’t buy everything the [climate] modelers say. I don’t buy everything the climate people say. I’ve worked with them for 40 years. I know where some of the Achilles heels are; some of the arguments,” states Dr. Mickey Glantz, the Director of the Consortium […]

STU Abstract

STU is designed as an approach to education that can support demonstrable increases in the level of scientific and general literacy of the public about current societal concerns related to weather, climate and water, regardless of age, location or prior level of education. It is available to all who have a desire for knowledge on […]

Our Vision

To serve the basic learning needs of all requires more than re-commitment to basic eduaction as it now exists. What is needed is an “expanded vision” that surpasses present resource levels, institutional structures, curricula and conventional delivery systems, while building on the best current practices. The idea behind the creation of a sparetime university™ (STU) […]

What does SpareTime mean?

Dictionary entry overview: • SPARE TIME (noun) The noun SPARE TIME has 2 senses: 1. time available for hobbies and other activities that you enjoy 2. time that is free from duties or responsibilities

Welcome to SpareTime University

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