GUEST EDITORIAL “Are Marvel Comics characters society’s current “Fix” for real world problems?” Robert Jay Ross, CCB, Boulder. Colorado

Guest Editor, Robert Ross, at CCB Boulder Colorado wrote an article called “Are Marvel Comics characters society’s current “Fix” for real world problems?”. Click here to download the pdf article of “Are Marvel Comics characters society’s current “Fix” for real world problems?”. With all the problems in the Middle East and elsewhere on the globe […]

Everybody is Somebody in the Zoo

Michael Glantz wrote a small children’s book called “Everybody is Somebody in the Zoo” with a moral that can be applied to anyone, “Be Yourself” at 2012. Click here to download the pdf version of “Everybody is somebody in the zoo”.

El Niño weather threat to Australia, Asia this year

AN EL Niño weather pattern, which can parch Australia and parts of Asia while bringing rain to South America, may occur in coming months, says Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology. International climate models surveyed by the bureau show Pacific Ocean temperatures approaching or exceeding El Niño thresholds in the austral winter, the forecaster said on Tuesday. […]

We held the day. They held the night: What to do about the war in Afghanistan

About 40 years ago in the early 1970s I visited Portuguese Guine, a Portuguese African colony. Today it is an independent country called Guinea Bissau. At that time I was immersed in studying revolutions in general, and mainly the wars for independence in sub-Saharan Africa. I published an article about the conflict entitled “The War […]

The Culture of Climate Change

A changing climate changes the environment. We know that. But it also may change culture. In a lesson that could have some relevance to human societies today, geographers at the University of Ottawa examined the overlap between climatic change and the changes in tool technology and other artifacts by Native American tribes during three ancient […]

China to spend $1 billion to alleviate drought

BEIJING — China will spend $1 billion to alleviate its worst drought in six decades — a long dry spell in the world’s largest wheat-growing region that threatens further jumps in the commodity’s global price. The funding announced late Wednesday is part of a government plan to boost grain production, divert water, build emergency wells […]

Oil has joined the Past… NG is the Future!

The natural gas cartel, a dream of Russia’s just a few years ago, is dead. It died when a natural gas revolution broke out and Gazprom lost. Energy importing nations around the world are evaluating their own geology, currently, to see if they have shale reserves that can be tapped. Nations like Argentina, Germany, Poland, […]