When Mother Nature Stops Being Maternal

Natural Disasters Explained at Natural History Museum By EDWARD ROTHSTEINNOV A model showing a type of earthquake fault in “Nature’s Fury,” at the American Museum of Natural History.CreditAgaton Strom for The New York Times Humanity has an extraordinary talent for causing catastrophes; we are even likely, as many have suggested over the past century — to […]

Guest Editorial: “From Blind Copying (bcc) to Basics (abc) in Science.” -Ilan Kelman, CICERO, Oslo, Norway. February 8, 2011

From Blind Copying (bcc) to Basics (abc) in Science Ilan Kelman, CICERO, Norway Science has become mired in blindness: it is dominated by bcc representing “blind copying”. That is, blindly copying what has gone before without innovative thought. In science today, bcc means Bureaucracy, Corporatism, and Conservatism. Bureaucracy. Science is being bogged down in interminable […]