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Source: IRIN
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BANGKOK, 16 September 2010 (IRIN) – As global warming shrinks glaciers along the world’s highest peaks, glacial lakes in Nepal are increasingly at risk of bursting the natural dams containing them – endangering the lives of tens of thousands in communities below, experts say.Read More

It seemed too sensational to be true. On Aug. 30, the Guardian reported that one of the world’s most prominent “climate change skeptics,” Bjorn Lomborg, had made an apparent about face, now calling for $100 billion to be devoted to stopping global warming. This is a man who, for years, writing books with provocative titles like The Skeptical Environmentalist and Cool It, had argued that climate change wasn’t as pressing as other international problems, such as child malnutrition and poverty. Now, he seemed to be saying that stopping global warming was an urgent matter after all. Had the Danish political scientist changed his mind? Was he admitting he’d been wrong? What would this new $100 billion be used for?

In an exclusive interview with FP’s Elizabeth Dickinson, Lomborg says his views haven’t budged an inch. Rather, he argues that the cap-and-trade approach of Kyoto Protocol fame has clearly failed, and it’s time to try a more creative approach — one that doesn’t involve wasting billions of dollars. “At some point,” he says, “we have to ask ourselves, do we just want to keep up the circus of promising stuff but not actually doing it?”

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Media and the public attracted to the extremes
Lesson 3

“I go to extremes” by Billy Joel from YouTube

A second landslide covered dozens of people on a highway in Guatemala Monday as they tried to dig out victims buried by a landslide the day before.

“A wall of earth fell on a bus and around 100 local people organized themselves to dig out the victims. Then another landslide came along and buried them,” said a spokesman for the local fire department Sergio Vasquez, according to Reuters.

Rescue workers had unearthed 22 bodies on a main highway northwest of Guatemala City.

On Sunday floods washed away sections of the Inter-American Highway, burying a bus and knocking several other vehicles off the road.
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BOULDER – Fire officials say new infrared mapping of the Fourmile Canyon Fire released on Wednesday reveals it is 6,168 acres. Five people remain missing.

Twenty people were initially reported missing in the fire area and authorities say they have cleared 15 of those cases, but five people remain missing.

“They’re open investigations,” Cmdr. Rick Brough of the Boulder County Emergency Management Office said at a morning news briefing. At the time eight people were reportedly missing. “Many of those are people who didn’t evacuate. What we’re doing at this point in time: We’re doing follow-ups with them, contacting relatives, sending officers up to do welfare checks at their residence.”

Authorities say three of the people were reported missing within the burn area and two others were within the evacuation area. One of those missing people, officials say, refused to evacuate.

Authorities say the fire did not grow overnight, thanks in part to cooler weather and an increased relative humidity.

The fire has been designated a Type I emergency, which means it is a national priority.
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