Indonesia’s Mount Merapi Volcano Erupts Again

Mount Merapi volcano has erupted for a third time, with local people reportedly saying this was louder and stronger than the previous eruption on Tuesday. The latest eruption happened at around 0100 on Saturday (1800GMT Friday). Agence France Presse reported that it caused panic, with hundreds of people, including police and soldiers, trying to flee […]


Transparency is the Answer, But… What Was The Question? …It’s trust, not transparency, stupid! Transparency “Transparency” performed by Luna Sea on YouTube

A Changed Climate Skeptic?

It seemed too sensational to be true. On Aug. 30, the Guardian reported that one of the world’s most prominent “climate change skeptics,” Bjorn Lomborg, had made an apparent about face, now calling for $100 billion to be devoted to stopping global warming. This is a man who, for years, writing books with provocative titles […]

No growth for Boulder fire overnight; 5 reportedly missing

BOULDER – Fire officials say new infrared mapping of the Fourmile Canyon Fire released on Wednesday reveals it is 6,168 acres. Five people remain missing. Twenty people were initially reported missing in the fire area and authorities say they have cleared 15 of those cases, but five people remain missing. “They’re open investigations,” Cmdr. Rick […]

A Political View of CO2

For those interested in the study of climate – including its impact on society and society’s impact on it – 1972 was an extremely important year. In that year a collection of weather anomalies occurred adversely affecting global food production and therefore availability. At that time some blamed the food shortages on the weather. More […]

International Conference on Climate Change and People
(with a focus on Greater South Asia, from Kyrgyzstan to Bangladesh)

15-19 November 2010, Kathmandu, NEPAL The burning Issues on climate change and their impacts – many of which are effectively irreversible – will affect everyone on the Earth. Human health, patterns and intensity of precipitation, water and food supplies, energy supplies, and the viability of natural systems: all will be affected if Earth’s climate continues […]